Daddy told his preacher calling when I was around four years old. He told our home church the Lord had called him to be a preacher. I had no idea how this would change our lives or really what it all meant. I do not remember Daddy’s first time preaching. My first memories of his ministry began when a small church called Daddy to be their pastor; Daddy accepted. Daddy would be ordained as a full Baptist Minister.

The week before the ordination, Jennifer and I were riding to town with my Grandma. I was sitting in the front seat beside the door. Grandma asked me, “Well, what do you think of your daddy being a Pastor?”

As I looked out at some cows, all I could think of were cow pastures. I just could not put together Daddy and a cow pasture. I said something to Grandma like I thought a pasture was for the cows. Grandma laughed and said, “No, a church Pastor, you know, the Preacher of a church. Like our Preacher Harold.” I was relieved that Daddy would be going to a church as a preacher, not to a cow pasture. However, maybe the cows needed preached to?

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