My older sister and I

Church benches and cow pastures. Two images recorded profoundly in my brain during my childhood. In the 1970s, I grew up in the same small community in which my parents lived during their childhood. As a Baptist preacher, my Daddy pastored churches since I was four years old. My older sister and I traveled with Daddy and Mama to churches all over North Georgia. Our family spent a lot of time with Mama’s mother, at her farm, tending to the cows. There, I played with my cousins.

Throughout my life, stories have been told by many, especially my Daddy and my cousins.  I started writing down my favorite stories. I included some of my recollections as well as those told by others. My parents’ ministry and the life we have lived in North Georgia, I feel, are stories to be preserved and heard. What I write on this blog is from my memory, unless noted otherwise.

Today, I am married to my awesome husband. I am a retired teacher. We have fun attending comic conventions and playing Dungeons and Dragons with our friends. My three children are young adults, forging on their lives’ paths. My goal for the Stones of My Remembrance blog is to share our family’s love to everyone. Jodie